"She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands."
Proverbs 31:13

Fisherman Wedding Afghan
June 2011

One of my favorite pastimes is working with yarn; more specifically crochet.  I do knit a bit, but crochet really is my hobby of choice.  

My Mom taught me to chain back in the 70's when she was taking classes herself.  I remember making long yarn chains as a child, ripping them out, and starting over again.

I became more serious about crochet when we brought home our son.  It gave me something to do in the evenings and I wanted to make things for him.

My love of the craft grew and I've enjoyed making many afghans, baby blankets, scarves and hats; mostly to be given as gifts.  There is something especially rewarding about creating with your own hands and then being able to bless someone with it.

As I crocheted more and more, I started to improvise on different patterns and eventually started creating my own.  I count it a privilege to have had two of my patterns published in Crochet World.

I look forward to sharing my future crochet work with you here.  

Stay tuned; more to come!


  1. You are more skilled than I in crocheting, Heather, but I would love to see in what issues your patterns were published. Were they published before 2011? I notice that Annie's is selling a disk with ten years of patterns on it.
    Gracie xx

    1. Thank you for your nice comment Gracie. Winter Blooms Blanket was published in December 2011 and Layered Scallops Tote was published in October 2012.

  2. Wow! That's a beautiful afghan! I used to subscribe to Crochet this pattern in one of their magazines then? Congrats on being published!

    1. Hi Becca, thanks for your nice comment. I didn't design the one in the photo, that one is from an old Leisure Arts pamphlet. I did a Christmas afghan for Crochet World and it was published several years ago. Here is a link to it on Ravelry: Thanks again. Heather


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