Monday, July 31, 2017

Landscape Enhancements

We've been trying to enhance our landscaping while our home is on the market.  I bought three of these pretty mauve colored grasses to put in front of the air conditioner/heat pump.    

Isn't it pretty?  Love the color; so different.

When I bought them they were only about a foot high.  They've grown considerably and are about 3 feet tall now.  

We also had two decent sized oak trees planted on opposite sides of our fence.  They are about 10 - 12 feet tall.

To add some more greenery hubby and I planted six burning bushes; three on either side.

Earlier this summer, we planted three red maples or "swamp" maples.  They are supposed to grow fairly quickly.  We staked them as they are immature trees and we get a lot of wind.  

The evergreens we planted last fall.

I think one of the pit falls with a newer home is new landscaping.  It takes a while for trees and shrubs to mature.  

I guess the right person just hasn't come along yet to see all the gardening potential in the yard.  That was one of the reason I liked our lot so well.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ohio's Long Good-Bye

We are still here.

Our house hasn't sold yet.  
We are in a more rural area and the market has been slow in our neck of the woods.  We've reduced twice, planted some trees and shrubs, and tried to do some different staging in the house.  Our realtor also updated our photos.  But, here we sit.  It will happen eventually, waiting isn't easy I have to admit.  

In the meantime, we are trying to live our lives the best we can (without dirtying the house too much).  Ha, ha.

Today we went to a "new to us" park; just north of Dayton.  We walked a couple of trails and toured the gardens.  

The "formal garden" was closed due to renovations, but it was pretty from a distance.

All the pretty summer flowers are in bloom.  Hydrangea's have such an old fashioned beauty and romance to them.  Don't you think?  This one might be a limelight; but I'm not 100% sure.

More informal and naturalized areas were on the prairie trail.  There were cone flowers and a variety of wildflowers.  I think the yellow flower below might be in the sunflower family; it was on a very tall stalk that was bent over with the weight of it's flowers.

A perpetual summer pest enjoying the golden beauty.  In my garden, I call them names; out in nature, they look different.  It's hard not to appreciate their iridescent shell and they do provide food for the birds.  (Can you find the Japanese Beetle?)

After a couple of tries, I was able to capture Mr. Butterfly.  His wings were blue on the other side.  He was quite handsome.

We walked over to a secluded spot with benches and I got a photo of hubby and dear son.  He's growing up fast.

I'll round out the photos with a picture of "Blackie" taken earlier this summer; before she got her summer hair cut.  "Bark-bark", she says "hi".

I hope, those of you still around, are enjoying a wonderful summer.  I know my blogging has been quite lackadaisical.  I have no excuses and lots of excuses.


Toodles for now!