Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our News...

On one of my last posts, I mentioned that I had some news to share, but wasn't quite ready to reveal it...

Well, I thought I would now.

My husband has been transferred, through his employer, to North Carolina!  I guess we'll be leaving behind the cold winters of Ohio for a milder climate in the South.

We've been super busy getting the house ready for the market.  It's been "live" on the Cincinnati and Dayton market for a week today.  We've had three showings so far with two saying that they are keeping it "under consideration".  

Its in God's hands.  Waiting is the hardest part for sure!

I hope you'll enjoy the video of our house.  The photographer didn't get very many photos of our yard, which is two acres.  But, you can look through my blog posts that talks about my gardens and my different planting endeavors.

I'm hoping once we get moved that I'll get back into blogging and sharing our lives with all of you again.

Happy Trails my friends!