Saturday, July 23, 2016

Heat Wave

It's a hot one today in Southwestern Ohio.

My son had swim lessons early, so I figured I'd get the back yard cut while my husband took our son to the "Y".

Back yard mowed (check), and everything out back watered (check)!  

We have someone building a new house on the lot behind us.  

We enjoyed it being vacant for 2.5 years.  

After my morning hard work and a much needed shower, I fixed myself lunch and enjoyed looking at the fruits of my labor from the air conditioned sun room.

Cherries are in abundance at the grocery store, so I picked some up for us to enjoy over the weekend.

I think it will be a quiet day today.  I'll do a little bit of reading and we may go to one of our local parks later this afternoon.

What are you up to today?  
What are you doing to stay cool?

Make it a great day!



  1. Doritos!

    Ok, so you've posted all these wonderful pictures, but what did I notice? Yep, the chips. :-)

    1. Cool Ranch, they are great! Ha ha Thank you for stopping by. Heather

  2. I am enjoying a bowl full of cherries as I read your post. The wonderful taste of summer.

  3. Sounds like a great time and it looks like a very lovely area to each lunch.


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