Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Musings

"This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24

I feel good today.  

The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful and I'm feeling productive.  

Every year as we start school, I have a renewed sense of purpose; a mission.  We don't all share the same mission, but this is mine and I feel blessed.

Although, it is my son working on his primary education, I've found that I'm often the one learning "life lessons" along the way.

"I am still learning."

Wishing you a blessed Monday and a terrific start to your week.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Friday Evening in August

Yesterday afternoon, hubby got off work a little early and we headed down to the Cincinnati Zoo.  

The humidity has been low the last couple of days, so it was a perfect afternoon to be outside.  

With a season pass, you don't feel like you need to see everything all in one day.

Typically, we get there in the morning and the animals are very active.  Yesterday, the animals were mostly sleeping or in a very relaxed state.

Some of the birds were strutting about showing off their pretty feathers.

The meerkats were busy digging their tunnels and appeared very alert.

But, my favorite reason for going to the zoo, are the beautiful gardens and botanical specimens.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Linking up with Eileen for her Saturday's Critters.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Weekend in August

We had a nice August weekend.

Friday, my son and I met a family we know from church for a "play date" at one of my favorite parks.

The kids ran from one destination to the next and had a good time.  

We climbed the "tree house" tower; I'd guess it's about 30 - 40 feet tall.  

This is the view from the top looking northeast toward Kettering; a portion of the Miami Valley.

We had a picnic lunch and the kids saved pretzels and bread crusts to feed the turtles.

I didn't get too many photos this time around.

On Saturday, I asked my husband if he could get our bikes in working order while I went to the grocery store.  

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home.  He had a flat repaired, all the tires pumped up, and the bike rack ready to go.

We drove to the Lebanon bike trail and started down the path.  It was a beautiful day and the humidity was low for August.

There wasn't a lot to see on this part of the route, so we'll try another portion of the bike trail soon.  The photo above is a Warren County government building as seen from the trail.

Yesterday, we moved furniture around in the lower level rec room and cleaned out some of dear son's toys.

Both a fun and productive weekend.

Happy Monday!


Next on the list is getting the school room in order!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ft. Ticonderoga

While on vacation in July, we had the opportunity to visit Ft. Ticonderoga.  

For our visit, it was 1756 and all the soldiers were dressed in period French uniforms.  

During this era, the French and Indian War was taking place (known in Europe as the Seven Year War).  

Ft. Ticonderoga went back and forth between the French, English and the American Patriots.  The previous owners would destroy the fort as it was being taken over so that the enemy would need to rebuild.

When the Pell Family bought the land and rebuilt the fort, they built both French and English buildings to represent the two different architectures during the different countries' occupancy.

Sitting on a southern peninsula on Lake Champlain, the cannons speak of the wars of time gone by.  

It was a neat place to visit; for kids, and adults alike.  
The museum really brings history to life.

A "window" into our past.

My grandparents took me there when I was about my son's age.  So it was really wonderful to introduce him to a part of history that my grandparents showed me so many years ago.

Happy trails,


Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Musing

We had quite a storm blow through this morning.  

The wind was howling and the whole house seemed to shake.  The rattling of the downspouts and windows woke me up.  The lights went out and I wondered if we should head down to the basement.  I finally fell back asleep until hubby got up for work.  I rested in bed listening to him getting ready for his day.  

The desire for coffee led me downstairs.

As I looked outside, the sky was still stormy, but the rain had stopped.  

In the far northwestern corner of the horizon, I could see a sliver of blue and white.  I sat down with my first cup of coffee and crocheted a couple of squares.  Then I got out my devotional and read about Hezekiah, Paul and the Lords great mercies.

O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him all ye people.  For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever.  Praise ye the Lord.
Psalm 117:1-2

In a way, I wish the skies would stay gray and we'd have a steady rainfall.  I have housework to do and I need to start thinking about getting organized for the school year.  

It's hard to believe summer is almost over.  It seems so cliche to say that time goes by quickly; but in truth, it does.  I like fall and getting back into the school routine; but, it's hard to let go of summer's freedom.

I'm off to make a list of things I want to accomplish today.  I'm more productive with a list.

May your day be richly blessed.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

This and That

Sunroom wall...with some old favorites.

Grandmas Oatmeal cookies...on her English platter.

Cleaned out flower bed.

Purple petunias.

Adorable Asters.

Progress on the Babette.

Hope you are enjoying a sunny Saturday!