Monday, May 25, 2015

From Garden to Salad Bowl

One of the lettuce blends we planted has been growing profusely.  I wanted to have a nice big fresh salad today for Memorial Day, so waited to harvest until this afternoon.

There was plenty for a nice tossed salad to accompany our barbecue chicken.

I added some of my favorite ingredients; dried cranberries, sliced almonds, red onion and cherry tomatoes.  

Hubby and I enjoyed the fresh salad very much.  Dear son...not as much.


This is the Mesclun blend.  The broad leaf, which I believe is spinach, kind of crowded out the other lettuce in the blend.  Next time, I'll harvest it a little soon.

Trial and error.

I'm in the process of hardening off my tiny tomato plants.  More on that another time.

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crochet on the Back Burner

This is my poor crochet project feeling a bit sad and neglected.

I haven't made much progress on it since I last posted an update HERE.

The garden and getting my flowers planted have taken up a lot of my free time.  Hopefully, once everything is planted, I'll have more time for my craft.  

We are at the end of the school year, so leisure time isn't too far away!

I did get a new book for my birthday that I've been enjoying each morning.  

It takes you through the bible in a year.  Each day it has readings from the old testament and the new testament.  I've done one of these before, but it wasn't set up quite the same.  This one offers a small devotional written for women that is in with the daily text.

And, as I read each morning, I have my chair pointed toward my freshly planted flowers.  A blessing from my hubby.

I hope you are having a happy hump day!


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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I told hubby that for Mother's Day, I'd like to go to the nursery and pick out some flowers to plant around the house.  He kindly obliged and yesterday afternoon, we walked around my favorite nursery and I selected some plants I thought would be pretty in the yard.

I knew where I'd put the rhododendron, but when I bought the impatiens, I wasn't sure, so only purchased a few.  Most of our yard is full sun, and impatiens love shade and/or dappled light.  They'll fill in as the summer progresses.  

The most time consuming was cleaning out the old honeysuckle roots.  Hubby did it by hand with pure brute force and a hand ax.  Then we built the wall with bedrock (and some granite) that we've been digging out of our yard.  

Slowly, but surely, the yard is shaping up.  There are more areas similar to this that we'll clean up in time.

I have flowers waiting in the garage for planting, but that will need to wait for another day.

I hope you've enjoyed a wonderfully blessed Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life on the Meadow

Dandelion's growing in the grass...

Second raised bed complete and planted...

Strawberries and...

Onions starting to grow...

Blooming balloons....

Living with nature....hmmmmm

Maybe not.

Poison ivy...

Last Friday, we had the dead ash tree in the hedgerow taken down and the stump ground.  Blackie finds it amusing to dig in the pile of wood chips that likely had ground poison ivy mixed in.  Son hugs dog that has been digging, rolling and otherwise lounging in said wood chips.  Dear son develops an awful case of poison ivy.

A trip to the doctor's office; a prescription for prednisone; removal of dastardly wood chips; and hedgerow adequately soaked with Round-up.

Real life has been keeping me busy.  
We are wrapping up the school year and getting ready for dear son's first piano recital the end of the month.

I hope you are all well.