Monday, August 10, 2015

A Weekend in August

We had a nice August weekend.

Friday, my son and I met a family we know from church for a "play date" at one of my favorite parks.

The kids ran from one destination to the next and had a good time.  

We climbed the "tree house" tower; I'd guess it's about 30 - 40 feet tall.  

This is the view from the top looking northeast toward Kettering; a portion of the Miami Valley.

We had a picnic lunch and the kids saved pretzels and bread crusts to feed the turtles.

I didn't get too many photos this time around.

On Saturday, I asked my husband if he could get our bikes in working order while I went to the grocery store.  

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home.  He had a flat repaired, all the tires pumped up, and the bike rack ready to go.

We drove to the Lebanon bike trail and started down the path.  It was a beautiful day and the humidity was low for August.

There wasn't a lot to see on this part of the route, so we'll try another portion of the bike trail soon.  The photo above is a Warren County government building as seen from the trail.

Yesterday, we moved furniture around in the lower level rec room and cleaned out some of dear son's toys.

Both a fun and productive weekend.

Happy Monday!


Next on the list is getting the school room in order!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend with all the new things you did. Those are the best weekends, not the some ole' thing. : )

  2. Sounds like a wonderful family weekend, Heather :-) That tower is really cool! Good luck getting ready for school; we just started back today after a unusually long break.

  3. Hope you enjoy your bikes. We've sure enjoyed riding ours these past three weeks or so. Fun and good exercise too. I sorely need that!

  4. Wonderful weekend with lots of precious moments. The summer has flown by so quickly, schoolroom already!

  5. It sounds as if you had a wonderful weekend, Heather. It is wonderful that you can bike as a family and actually have trails to do it on.

  6. hi heather...a fun weekend filled with activity...the tree house tower is amazing with spectacular views...a nice bike trail for your family to enjoy...kudos to your husband for his preparatory labor...thank you for sharing...take care...sally

  7. It sounds like a lovely weekend Heather I love that tree house.:)

  8. Sounds like some great times and beautiful pictures. You live in a very lovely area.


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