Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Friday Evening in August

Yesterday afternoon, hubby got off work a little early and we headed down to the Cincinnati Zoo.  

The humidity has been low the last couple of days, so it was a perfect afternoon to be outside.  

With a season pass, you don't feel like you need to see everything all in one day.

Typically, we get there in the morning and the animals are very active.  Yesterday, the animals were mostly sleeping or in a very relaxed state.

Some of the birds were strutting about showing off their pretty feathers.

The meerkats were busy digging their tunnels and appeared very alert.

But, my favorite reason for going to the zoo, are the beautiful gardens and botanical specimens.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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  1. All the animals are great as well as the beautiful flowers. I have that first flower image growing in my garden.

  2. Hello Heather, lovely images from your visit to the zoo. I love the birds and the cute bear the meerkat. The flowers are lovely too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. What a perfect place to wander around when the weather is cooperating. The plants are my favorite also.

  4. hi heather...lovely photos...thank you for sharing with us...i especially like the little cute...the botanicals are lush and colors awesome...glad the weather was mild for your enjoyable excursion...take care...sally

  5. Looks like a very nice day. I loved those days when my kids were kids.

  6. It looks like a wonderful zoo.

  7. Beautiful photos! What a nice outing! Love the lion and the meerkat but I have to say that bear is awesome!!!

  8. Nice place and pictures !
    Have a lovely week !

  9. Looks like a great place to have a wander around. You got some great shots of the animals and the gardens. I particularly loved the one of the sleeping bear.

  10. Wow! That's a lot to see in one place. The animals are so cute--even the bear! And the flowers are so wonderfully summery.


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