Monday, July 27, 2015

Westport on Lake Champlain

While we were in the "North Country" for a family reunion, I had the opportunity to visit the town where my maternal grandparents lived.  

Growing up, we spent the summers in the Adirondack mountains.  It's a slower paced way of life and one I have fond memories of.

My grandmother worked as a librarian at the public library pictured above.  She introduced me to a variety of authors including Phyllis Whitney.  I think that was the beginning of my love affair with mystery novels.  

Just down from the library is a boat marina that once belonged to my great-grandfather and his brother.

That was long before my time, but it was in my grandfather's blood; the marina, the dock, the lake.  His love ran deep for all things related to the lake.  That love rubbed off on all of us and seeing the lake for the first time after so many years brought strong emotion and tears to my eyes.

This is the view from what once was my grandparents property.  The house and grounds no longer look the same, but the view from the birch tree on remains unchanged.  Those are the blue mountains of Vermont across the lake.

There used to be stairs to the right of the birch tree that took you down to a pebbly beach.  Below is an old photo of the beach.  The foundation used to be a boat house.

Looking back, I think I took those times for granted.  I wish I had revered them more.  Time with my grandparents and the opportunity we had to spend our summers on the lake.

Here is an old photo of me with my grandparents (circa 1985 - or there about).  

"If you're lucky enough to still have grandparents, visit them, cherish them and celebrate them while you can."
Regina Brett

Thanks for taking a stroll with me down memory lane.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Heather :-) It's nice to have such fond memories of a place. My paternal grandparents had a cabin on Lake Erie, and I have many nice memories of time spent there. They're both gone now, as is my maternal grandfather, but I hold onto my memories.

  2. What a lovely walk down memory lane for you, such a beautiful place for you to revisit. A beautiful photo for you to treasure.

  3. What a sweet and touching post, Heather. Lovely memories and photos, especially of you and your grandparents. I know what you mean about taking those times for granted.....if we could only go back in time. xo Karen

  4. hi heather...thank you for sharing such loving memories...a beautiful area...wonderful photo of you and your grandparents...quite a dapper dresser your grandfather...take care...sally

  5. Wow, what a view! It's nice that you have such wonderful memories.

  6. Lovely place...and memories...
    Thanks for your kind visit !
    Have a nice day !

  7. Heather, This is such a heartwarming post and lovely photos. Precious picture of you and your grandparents. Just 10 minutes ago, I shared Phyllis Whitney's books with a blog friend of mine; I told her how my late mom loved for me to read Ms. Whitney's books to her!
    I have signed on as a follower. I was very fond of my late grandparents and have so many wonderful memories, much like you.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment and for following my blog. I appreciate it very much. Have a great day, Heather

  8. Awesome photos! What a beautiful place.

  9. Heather, what a lovely place to visit. I'm sure it holds many special memories for you. This is a wonderful picture of you and your grandparents. I didn't know my grandparents except for my mom's father. He was special to me. The lake looks like such a peaceful place.


  10. I know the feeling. I miss my grands more every day.

  11. My sweet Heather, what a precious post. This place is full of memories....memories that will remain with you for life - what a blessing. Grandparents are so special and they touch a spot in our hearts that no one else can reach.

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  12. Oh what a beautiful place to live. So glad you got to visit it again. What sweet memories for you.


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