Monday, April 13, 2015

Strawberries and a Naughty Dog

The strawberry plants are starting to grow and we are all really excited about them.  It's our first garden together and we are hoping for a bountiful harvest.  

I keep envisioning biting into a fresh juicy strawberry ripe and warm from the sun.  Or, the first strawberry shortcake of the season (with whipped topping of course).

But the dog, I call her the dog when she's done something to upset me, keeps pulling the plants out of the bed!

She pulls the plant out, shakes the dirt off and eats the plant, roots and all!

So, I got out my trusty square foot garden companion book to look for a solution.  

Found it! 

Hubby and I built a cover for "pest control".  
Now, when the book refers to pests, I don't think it was thinking of domesticated animals, but it seems to be working so far.  

It's not the prettiest thing in the yard, but it will be worth it come June!

The strawberry plants are growing great!
(Minus a few that "the dog" ate).
Hopefully, we'll be rewarded with bowls full of lush red berries.

I hope your Monday is going well.
It's a beautiful day here!

Toodles my friends,


  1. Your little strawberry bed is so adorable and I love the solution to your 'pest' problem! It will keep the birds from eating the berries, too! I think strawberry shortcake sounds wonderful with home grown strawberries! xo Karen

  2. Great pet deterrent idea. I love strawberries too. We have a few plants--just enough to grab a little snack.

  3. The dog who loves strawberries! Definitely an interesting story...but I'm glad you were able to find a way to protect your new strawberry patch :) This weekend we planted some fuchsia hanging baskets on the front porch and replanted the geraniums outside that I had wintered inside...I hope we don't have a killing frost! xx

  4. We keep tossing back and forth the idea of getting a dog, especially now that the back yard is fenced in. But then I think of my flowers and the vegetable gardens . Great idea for protecting your strawberries, by the way! They will taste SO yummy before long.

  5. Good idea... strawberries are so good. :)

  6. Good thing you found a solution to "the dog" problem. I would be upset also over the strawberry destruction. They just don't understand how important these things are to us. : )

  7. I love strawberries I hope you have a huge harvest, naughty doggy! it's usually the birds that get mine. :) xx

  8. I have a strawberry patch in the front of my cottage, our neighborhood cats are the ones that wanted to dig there, but they don't like the taste of strawberries :0) You will enjoy them come may or June but be careful with little bugs that like to eat them.

  9. Remember my Max ate my strawberries right off the plant. I guess the leaves are pretty yummy too!

  10. It looks great. Birds would always eat our strawberries, once they budded, without some sort of closure like that. I hope you get some nice yummy strawberries.

  11. Mmm... fresh strawberries! How delightful, my friend! Your dog is adorable, but I am sure she loses her adorableness when she destroys your plants. I'm so glad you were able to solve the problem. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  12. This is a great idea- last year we had a family of mice who took our strawberries one by one, in broad daylight!

  13. That will also keep the birds away! :) I sure hope you have a huge harvest! There is nothing like a fresh strawberry! Thank you for sharing with us at the Art of Home-Making Mondays too!


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