Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Words on Wednesday

A lot of people have "Wordless Wednesday", I thought I'd add words.


It's a pretty day outside with the sun shining brightly.  It is cool, but I don't mind.  True spring, with flowers in bloom, isn't too far away.  
While I'm waiting for that, I thought I'd hang a springy wreath on the front door.

I made a little bit of progress on the mosaic afghan.  I entered the third tier of color; green.  

It looks like the blanket will take two repeats of each color.  

The yarn called for in the pattern isn't going to be enough for my blanket.  My gauge must be off.  I did go down a hook size, but I'm using an aran weight yarn, so I thought it would all balance out.  
That's OK though.  
I had a Friends and Family coupon from Joann's that I was able to use last weekend.  And really, I never mind buying yarn.  I was just hoping to do it with what I had on hand.

Blackie needs a bath.

She is definitely a "tom-girl".  
She loves to dig around in the mud and find something to carry in her mouth.  
Must be the golden retriever in her?

Looks like we are finally getting a fence installed.  Our HOA has approved the plan and the contractor is available next week.  

They had someone come out to mark the utilities.

You know the saying, "call before you dig."


I've been perusing my Burpee catalog lately and got my seeds ordered.  I'll need to go to Walmart to get seed starter and some seed starter containers.  I did read somewhere online that you can start seeds in egg shells.  Has anyone tried that before?

I've also been reading Our Daily Bread.  I've mentioned it before; it's free to download and each devotion has the bible passage links to Bible Gateway.  

Dear son and I also read a Psalm each morning before we begin school.  He's already looked ahead and asked if I'd read Psalm 119 (it has 176 verses).


I hope your week is going well.

Happy hump day,

I'm linking up with Ginny today for her weekly Yarn Along.


  1. Love the spring wreath, we are almost there and the beautiful blanket is a delight. Such stunning colours.

  2. Such a beautiful blanket, Heather! I love the colors you've chosen. Ah, yes, the mud of spring and dogs; what a great combo! Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things going on. Good luck with your seeds :-)

  3. I agree with the other ladies, blanket and wreath are very pretty. Your wreath makes your home look welcoming.

  4. Your blanket is so pretty. It's such an interesting stitch pattern. And, Blackie is adorable!

  5. That's will be such a pretty blanket. I love the colors you've chosen. They go together so well. Your home looks so inviting with that pretty wreath on your door. Happy Spring!
    xx Beca

  6. That was one wordy Wordless Wednesday! Love your blanket, colors are great. Also I'm so jealous of your Burpee catalog. We won't be home for the Spring and Summer season so I'm seriously jealous. I love gardening and I'm gonna miss it this year. Anyhoo, enjoyed the read today. Have a great day!

  7. Hello, sweet friend! I know I said this in a previous post, but that blanket is going to be so beautiful when it's finished! I just love the colors you used. Your blog is always a warm and inviting place to visit. Hugs to you!

  8. You are always so positivist and bright my friend. Have a great week,

  9. Love your blanket colors! Blackie is adorable. I am sure she will enjoy the new fence. I hope to get a garden box, but am not going to get too excited in case it doesn't happen.

  10. Such a pretty blanket - the stitch is very unusual. Looks like it is going to be so warm and cuddly! So nice to get a new fence. It adds an extra place to plant things! xo Karen

  11. Happy first day of Spring, Heather!

    You've welcomed it with such a pretty wreath; I'm sure the season will visit your parts, and stay a spell!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  12. Your Spring Wreath is so pretty and welcoming. Your blanket is going to be lovely, it does look a bit like a wool eater because of the texture, but if you need more yarn go for it because it will be worth it to have such a beautiful blanket in the end. :) xx

  13. Your blanket is so pretty. I really like that wreath too. Sorry, I'm not a gardener at all, so I don't know about egg shells. I hope your fence goes up quickly.

  14. That blanket is gorgeous. I've heard of starting seeds in eggshells before. You can then just plant the whole thing and the shell has some sort of minerals in it that help with growth. I think. :) Good luck! Tammy


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