Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fence Update and Dreaded Sn*w

Our fence started to go up yesterday.  
It was exciting to see the trucks and workers arrive and start all their busyness.  

They got all the holes dug, and today, they are working on cementing in the main posts.

A big tractor trailer delivered the cedar for the boards this morning.  We selected a KY Board style fence.  We went back and forth between a split rail and KY Board and settled on the latter.  

It sounds like everything will be complete by Friday.

I did find, what I hope to be, the perfect spot for an outdoor swing.

In between the cedar tree and the old wild cherry.  I thought I'd put the back of the swing toward the corner of the fence.   The swing would face the rear of the yard.

The trees form a little island in the midst of two swales.  We'll have to see how wet and buggy it is this spring/early summer.

I hope once we get some landscaping in, our yard won't be as soggy.  

On another note...
Last night I was shocked to see snow and sleet falling from the sky.

There was still a dusting this morning when I got up.  The outdoor thermometer read 29 degrees.  The calendar says spring, but winter is clinging on.    

It seems the rest of the world is reveling in spring grandeur, while we are still waiting (with hope), but waiting.

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick:  but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

I hope you are having a blessed day.  
I'll give an update on my crochet project in another day or so.

Toodles for now,

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  1. This is going to be a wonderful area! We had to remove all wild cherry trees. They are lethal to cattle. We found a buyer though. A local restaurant smokes their meat and they only use wild cherry! Hope to see the finished fence! :)

  2. Enjoy seeing some grass with just a dusting of snow - our yard is still entirely covered with about a foot of snow, no matter how warm and yummy it's trying to be here in WNY.

    Looks like you're going to have an amazing back yard for running this summer :-)

  3. Exciting times for all your plans to come to fruition. Looking forward to admiring the finished fence.

  4. It's going to be so wonderful when it's all completed, Heather! Hopefully, your weather will improve soon with no more snow or sleet.

  5. It looks good. I like the area you picked for your swing, it looks nice. We had some snow today, but it's gone and in about 3 days we'll be around 70. Weird weather for sure.

    Can I ask a question? Why a fence when it seems like you are surrounded by such pretty and empty fields? Just curious. lol

    1. Hi JoAnn, the fence is mainly for the dog. Right now, we have to take her out on the leash multiple times throughout the day. With the fence, we'll be able to let her out to run a bit and call her back in. We also have a couple of neighbors who don't use leashes on their dogs and one of those dogs is very aggressive and has attacked Blackie on two different occasions (once on our property). So it will also serve as protection for her. The fields around us are empty lots that eventually will sell and someone will build on. Hope you have a great day. Hugs.

    2. Oh wow, that is so sad, your dog not even safe on your own property. I would put up a fence too if that was happening. Your fence looks very nice.

  6. Great progress on the fence, Heather :-) That's a perfect spot for the swing. Ooh, yuck, more snow! Hang in there; spring will find you! Stay warm.

  7. How exciting, my friend! It's going to be such a delight when it's all done.

    Happy day, sweet Heather. Hugs! Thanks for linking up with Roses of Inspiration.

  8. Will love the fence and the swing. Cant wait to see the crochet.

  9. Looking good. Beautiful piece of land and amazing home.

  10. How lovely! you have a huge space there Heather it will be great when it's all done it sounds like the perfect place for a swing. We had hail and snow a couple of days ago too so you are not alone. :) xx

  11. You will enjoy the fence and swing very much. Sorry your spring is on hold for now. Have a lovely day.

  12. it's still freezing here at the shore, freezing!!! you have a beautiful piece of property and i adore the brick on your home!!! a new anything, is always nice!!!!

  13. Your fence is going to be so nice. Yes, it has turned more winter-like here, too. No bike rides this week, sigh.

  14. Your fence is going to be beautiful when completed, Heather...and the spot you've chosen for your swing would be a lovely spot if everything turns out the way you'd like. Not everyone is reveling in the grandeur of spring...we are still having some colder temps splattered here and there amongst the warmer ones. I do have some daffodils blooming though. :)

  15. Yeah for progress! It's gonna look great. I'm feeling for you cause it's sunny and kinda warm here, I'm loving it! Anyhoo, have a great day!

  16. I hope the weather didn't hinder progress on the fence. Surely Spring will arrive soon. Best wishes, Tammy


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