Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It's a winter wonderland in our area.  
If it's going to be winter, it might as well snow!

Hubby's work had a two-hour delay this morning, so he decided to work from home.  
After some school work was completed, we all headed outside to blow off some steam.

The air is clear and cold, you wouldn't want to be out there very long without a hat and mittens.

The snow looked pretty on the old cedars, ...

on the stable across the street, ...

and on the house through the trees.

I've been working hard on the donation baby blanket.  I did have to start over as I didn't end up having enough of the off-white color I was using.  

Hopefully I can make a dent in some of my yarn supply this year.   

(Then, of course, I won't feel guilty when I buy more.)


This is RHSS in white.  I'll add some color in the border.  I've been mulling over different ideas, but haven't settled on anything yet.

I'd like to complete two to donate by the 18th.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete both, but should be able to complete at least one.

A "homemade hug" for a new mother's little one.

Take care,


  1. Wonderful pictures I dont miss the snow at all and the blanket is turning out beautiful.

  2. Heather all that snow so pretty. In Cornwall we have not had any. And because of the animals I do not want any. But would love to just jump about in some.

  3. yes, it is a winter wonderland here as well! Two days of cold high winds and finally the snow began to fall! It looks as if everyone was having fun outside.

    The baby blanket is so so pretty...I love that pattern. That is a great way to use up yarn! You have inspired me to find someplace I could donate baby afghans to.

  4. Snow is always so pretty. Although I could do without the biting cold.

    Have you thought about using another color with the off-white yarn and make the blanket with a color block look. Might be pretty. : ) Have fun with those blankets!

  5. Looks like the family was having fun in the snow, and that blanket looks nice. I like the bright white. Very pretty pictures too.

  6. What a kind and beautiful gesture my friend and your beautiful blanket looks a lot like the snow outside. So pretty out there. Happy New Year my friend.

  7. Still no snow in the valley here, but Mt. Hood was outstandingly white backed by blue-gray clouds yesterday. I will try to post a photo soon. You are making great progress on the baby blanket...a very pretty pattern and it will be interesting to see how you decide to finish it :-) Thanks for sharing your pretty snowy photos, Heather. xx

  8. Snow always looks so pretty, but I am so glad we don't have any nbot yet anyway. Stay warm and safe. The blanket is looking lovely, love the pattern.

  9. How pretty the scenery is around your house with all that snow. We don't have any here but it's chilly enough anyway.

    The blanket looks great so far. I'm looking forward to see the colour you chose for the border.

  10. Your theory is the same as mine Heather - if it's gonna go ahead and be so cold, I'd much rather it snows!!

  11. Hi Heather. How beautiful the snow looks! I love the shots of your house through the trees and the one of the stable across the street!
    How nice of you to to make and donate baby blankets. Someone will treasure those for sure!
    Stay warm and cozy!!
    XO Kris

  12. It's coming on great Heather such a pretty pattern to match the snow outside, it always looks magical when it first arrives. :) xx

  13. Have fun in your Winter wonderland. Love the blanket.

  14. While we don't have any snow, it is cold here today. An unexpected visit from Jack Frost surprised us this morning! Loved your snowy pictures and am hoping we get to take similar pics of our scenery soon. Such a pretty donation blanket, which I'm sure will be treasured by a mom in need. Blessings, Lisa :)

  15. Your photos make the snow look so lovely! We have a windchill warning in place for the next 24 hours. It's cold!

  16. Playing out in the snow looks like fun. We got ten inches over here in NM. My daughter went out and played around in it for a little while but I stayed inside where it's nice and warm. I'm a chicken, I know. Good luck on your baby blanket.
    xx Beca

  17. Looks pretty but I sure don't like the cold. It's 57 right now but will get down to 37 during the night. I swear, it already feels like 30 inside -- these concrete buildings just retain the cold and there's no insulation and no heat. I'm freezing all the time and dress in layers and cover myself with extra blankets just to go to sleep at night. The baby blanket is lovely and will be much appreciated in the cold weather. Best wishes, Tammy


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