Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year

Christmas cactus with one lonely bud yet to bloom

Happy New Year!


Well, the Christmas decorations are put away, and the usual decorations are back in their places.

Some of my Italian/Portugal pottery collection

There is a bit of mess to pick up from last night's festivities.


But that can wait for now...

My days of quiet relaxation are numbered.  

So in the meantime, I'm putting my feet up to rest.  Maybe a little hobby time later today.  

And then, rest some more.

We've had a nice winter break so far.  Quiet days, easy dinners, and family time.  We went to see Big Hero Six at the theater last weekend and look forward to some other fun outing before hubby goes back to work.  

My sister and her family were here last night to help ring in the new year.  We had fun playing games, talking, enjoying snacks and later dinner.  I have a mess to pick up in the kitchen, but it can wait for now.  Just a few short days and we'll be back to the books and our regularly scheduled routine.  

Right now, the sofa is calling my name.  


Happy New Year!



  1. Back to work, boy do I hate the sound of that. But come June, I will be a free bird so just need to put a smile on and get there. Wishing you and yours a wonderful year ahead. Tammy

  2. Happy, Happy New Year Heather.

  3. Ahhhh some sofa crafting time sounds like a lovely start for the new year, Heather :-) Last night I got to play Bunco with my youngest son and some friends which was great fun. Today I watched the Rose parade and am enjoying watching the Cotton Bowl game, and am especially looking forward to seeing the Oregon Ducks play in the Rose Bowl! Some crafting is in order as well. Blessings to you and yours xx

  4. All the very best for 2015 Heather xxx

  5. Happy New Year, Heather :-) Enjoy your relaxing time.

  6. sounds like a wonderful break! I have worked a few days but not very many. i am not looking forward to going back five days next week! :) LOL!
    I still have a baby blanket going but I started a set of book cuffs for my daughter yesterday. One down one to go. Not too hard really. still kind of winging it when it comes to the end...
    Decorations are all put away here too. I spent yesterday getting that done. The home looks like normal now. Hope your new year is full of wonderful things!

  7. Happy new year to you too. Many thanks for your well wishes whilst recovering from surgery. Wishing you everything you wish for yourself for 2015.


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