Friday, August 15, 2014

Mid-August This and That

My mind and activities have been focused on the start of school next week.

Last weekend I went to Wally-World and picked up school supplies and this cute glass apple candy jar.  Isn't it cute?  It was marked down on clearance for $4.50.  Dear son picked out the bubble gum to put in it.  I'll use the gum as a reward for good behavior.  


A baby bunny got stuck in one of our window wells.

Hubby got her out with a net.  She was "jack-rabbit fast" out of there as soon as he put her down.

We've had lots of frogs in the wells, but this is the first mammal.  Hopefully we won't get any skunks or raccoons.  

I got a new rug for the entry-way.

I found it at Home Goods.  
It was a fraction of the price compared to others I've found in the store and on-line.  

The table is an antique that belonged to my grandparents.  I've been looking for a mirror to go above the table and a buffet-style lamp to go on it.  
I may replace the small plant that is there with a fern.  I've never had very good luck with ferns though for some reason.

We are hoping to go for a nature hike/walk sometime over the weekend.  Kind of an end of summer family outing.  
Maybe I'll pack a picnic.

I hope your week was a good one.


School bells are ringing, loud and clear;
Vacation's over, school is here.
We hunt our pencils and our books,
And say goodbye to fields and brooks,
To carefree days of sunny hours,
To birds and butterflies and flowers.
But we are glad school has begun.
For work is always mixed with fun.
When autumn comes and the weather is cool,
Nothing can take the place of school.
by Winifred C. Marshall


  1. ohhhhh what a lovely bunny,I have few in the yard,but they are so fast.I thought I can get one and ....boyyyyy they are very quick......but they are adorable.Your plants are so delicate and your beautiful house entry-way is too.Nice to come and see all your nice and great pictures.Good luck and sucess this new school year.

  2. I love your new rug! And the apple jar too. I have a glass pumpkin jar sort of like it. Summer is over for the kids here. But the worst of the heat is yet to come. Ugh...I am done with summer!
    xo Kris

  3. Glad little bunny was okay. We saw so many around Denver and Colorado Springs. Love the wrong. You definitely need a mirror above that lovely table. I don't have any luck with ferns here either. Perhaps a spider plant would be nice, too. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Beautiful hall, the rug is a delight. Good luck with the new school year, I am happy I don't have that worry anymore, my 3 daughters are all grown up and have families of their own.

  5. The rug is perfect for the entryway. I have purchased several rugs at HomeGoods and all but one have really worn well. Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Sounds like a great week. That rug is so pretty and looks perfect there. And that jar is very cute. Hope you had a great weekend.


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