Saturday, August 9, 2014

End of Summer Afternoon

This afternoon, we decided to head to one of our favorite parks, Cox Arboretum.  

They have a working dog at the park, so our pup had to stay home.

Most of the flowers have bloomed, but there was still a lot of color left to see.



They have so many pretty hydrangeas too.  

I don't know all the different varieties, but I enjoy their beauty.


I do know this one...
An Oakleaf Hydrangea; their flowers had already started to turn.

Even with the many people milling about, there were still quiet spots you could enjoy if you wanted.

After the park, we headed to Lazy Boy furniture to look around and dream about new furniture....

Well, I was the one dreaming, the "boys" were being good sports.


I made Baked Chicken Fajitas for dinner and a peach cobbler in the crock pot.  Both are well-loved around here.

All in all a pleasant family day.

Next week is our last week of summer before we start back to school....

summer was too short

Until next time,



  1. That was a wonderful walk around your favorite park. I also love to dream about things for my house :)
    So glad you're having a fun weekend :)

  2. That recipe looks so yummy, and the peach cobbler too. I seriously need to start baking and cooking more, but with the summer heat, I just never feel like it. :) Such beautiful flowers and a lovely place to visit.

    1. The crock pot is great in the summer as it doesn't heat up the kitchen like an oven does. But our meals are definitely more casual in the summertime. :-)

  3. Looks like a gorgeous park. I've never heard of working dogs at a park. What do they do? In exactly one week, I will start back to work/school. Not really looking forward to it. Has become somewhat of a toxic environment and I try to keep negative circumstances and people out of my daily life. My youngest son starts 11th grade on the 31st so he still has a little more time before he has to get back on schedule. Hope you have a super Sunday. Tammy

    1. Hi Tammy. The dog goes around the ponds at the park and chases away the Canadian Geese. If there aren't any geese, we've seen her just circling around the ponds. They have signs up not to pet the dog or disturb her. I hope you have a good work/school year this year. Enjoy your Sunday too; although it may already be Monday on your side of the world. Hugs, Heather

  4. nice blog i found you thrue other bloggers...blessings

  5. It sounds like a beautiful day. I have never heard of a working dog at a park.

  6. Gorgeous views in the park,love the duck are beutiful,specially the sunflower......looks like it was a great day....have a lovely Sunday!

  7. Beautiful photo's Heather it looks like a lovely place. :)

  8. How enjoyable Heather! Thank you for the walk!

  9. Baked chicken fajitas are a favorite here too. It's such an easy dinner to fix and always tastes so good. Your cobbler in a crockpot sounds like a good idea. Mmm. I was going to ask you exactly what "work" the working dog did, but I saw someone else asked the same thing and you answered. Have a great week!

  10. Lovely photos of the flowers! Sounds like a beautiful place to visit!


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