Sunday, August 3, 2014

A New Bed

Flower bed that is.


Yesterday and today, we worked on putting together a small flower bed by the mail box.

We worked the soil, loosening up the hard clay dirt and built this small "retaining" wall out of rock from our yard.

And yes, there is more rock where that came from!

Then we put down top soil, planted the plants and put down fresh mulch.

I picked out full sun perennials for the little bed...

I selected an evergreen holly (in the back), a yellow mum (for late summer and fall color), a knock-out rose (that is looking a little wilted in the heat right now, but will perk up with time)...

purple asters, perky Shasta daisies, and a bayberry shrub (which is also evergreen).

I just purchased small plants, it is less expensive that way, and they will grow, in time, to a nice size.

Last but not least, ole Peter Rabbit has come out into the light of day after more than a year of storage.

Welcome to your new home Peter.

I'm off for a bike ride with my husband and son.  Dirt, mulch covered and all.


P.S.  I hope you'll stop by tomorrow for some crochet talk as I was asked to participate in a fun blog hop.  
Toodles for now.


  1. Hi Mrs Heather! ...your Flower Bed is looking the Bunny and the flowers too...Great job.Love the color of the mulch...dark ...mine is like orange ..turn out so ugly after a while...the weather is Texas around this time is so hot.I need to do some work in my flower beds and around the bushes,planing to remove all the mulch.Lots of work.
    Have a great week ! ;)

  2. That looks so pretty Heather! And I will be back tomorrow to see what you are up to with the hook!
    xo Kris

  3. That look wonderful Heather! I will for sure stop by tomorrow to read your blog hop post ( thanks for participating with such short notice ) :) you are great !

  4. Nice job you've done. Very pretty. I am not much of a garden person (meaning I will kill anything I touch including perinnials).

  5. The flower bed is a real delight, I love Peter Rabbit, was a beautiful place for him to sit and watch the world go by.

  6. Thank you for the nice comments ladies! :-)

  7. It looks so pretty. You are truly getting settled in your beautiful new home. :)


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