Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pineapple Shawl Update

I'm making pretty good progress on the Pineapple Shawl.  

I've been working on it here and there as time allows.  

I'll probably go about 10 more inches and see how it looks.  

It will stretch when it gets blocked as well.

This is a nice summer project, not too heavy to have on your lap as you crochet.

If you decide to make this, there are some errors in the pattern; "Round" 10 is missing some stitches, that you realize aren't written in once you get to "Round" 11.  It's common sense and easy enough to figure out, but did want to let others know if they decide to make it.  

There may be an "errata" written for the pattern that I'm not aware of.  

Pattern writing is difficult and I've noticed, as I'm sure you have as well, different publishers and yarn companies all write things a little differently.

Happy Thursday and happy crocheting!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Evening in June

After dinner this evening we all went outside for a little action.  

The boys played catch (or 'Pickle' if you include the puppy in the mix), while I sat on the deck and read.

This is an older series of books my Mom recommended.  This is the first one I've read and am enjoying it so far.  

We had the sprinklers going.  

All that mud I showed you a post or two back, is now covered with straw.  

We've been watering it daily...

They just finished the house in the background a few weeks ago.  They had sod put down.  I'm trying not to dwell on it.  You know, "The grass is always greener...." 


On an unrelated note... 

This past Sunday morning, as I was taking the puppy out for her morning constitutional, I heard something that sounded like dragons.

You know the sound, think The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her crew were talking to the all great and powerful oz.  

I looked up and there were two gorgeous balloons in the sky.  I rushed in the house to get my camera but only caught the one.  

Hopefully, next post, I'll show you the progress on my pineapple shawl.  



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Deer, Cookies, and Crochet Update

Thought I'd pop in and say "hi".  It's a rainy, overcast day here in Ohio.

I'm slowly making progress on my shawl.  I like the pattern and I think it is going to be really pretty when it's complete.  

It's not one of those mindless patterns though, you really need to watch where you are in the repeats.  I'll block it and get the pineapples to really stand out once it's complete.

I planned for the rain today.  Dear son and I kept busy with a cute novel we are reading and a little baking and cooking.

We made Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies (mine are blackberry today) and the little one helped me make homemade meatballs for dinner.

These cookies are one of my favorites.  They make a nice "tea cookie" with the shortbread crust and the sweet jam center.  If you aren't a huge almond fan, you could leave off the glaze, but that is what makes these a favorite in my book.  

Earlier today, we spotted a deer in the vacant lot behind us.  

I whistled to get the deers attention, but it just scared her away.  This is the first deer I've seen since we've lived here, but we've had deer tracks in our yard on many different occasions.
- - -

My front porch shade plants are enjoying this rainy damp day.

I think both the leafy plants are in the "coleus" family.  I pinch off the flowers to keep them full.  The impatiens will continue to fill out as the summer progresses.  I can't wait for all the heavy equipment to be done in our yard so I can start thinking about landscaping.  I think they are about done.

Hope your Tuesday is going great.

Library and karate later this afternoon and spaghetti and meatballs in the crockpot for dinner.

Take care!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mud and Other Stuff

We had a big rain storm come through yesterday.  We all took our turns taking the puppy out (who still isn't housebroken; how long does that take?).  

Our new addition, "Blackie", is an ornery little thing.  She goes through these spurts of energy and then sleeps for two or three hours.  She digs in the mud (and the little bit of landscaping that I have) not feeling one bit of guilt or remorse.

"Blackie" digging in the mulch
- - -
Below are my hydrangeas, which are very slow growing.  I did put some Miracle Grow on them last week hoping to give them a "boost".  I'll give them some more this week.  There were three, but only two greened up.  I replaced the dead one with a rose bush.

Does anyone have any advice for my Knockout Rose bushes?  They have some sort of pest.  I've cut them way back and sprayed some diluted Dawn detergent on them.  They look a little better, but I'd like to get them nice and full and healthy.

Hubby and I have spent some backbreaking hours clearing out the old hedgerow.  We still have one little section to do and take down that big dead tree.  My husband wants to buy a chainsaw and do it himself.  I keep envisioning a trip to the ER and would rather hire someone to do it.

- - -
Anyone in the market for a house, horse stable and 6 acres?  

Our neighbor across the street has his property on the market.  I think the stable is so pretty and I really enjoy seeing the horses.  For the most part though, he keeps them in the area on the back of the stable.

- - -
The forecast looks sunny for the next few days, so things should dry up fairly quickly and hopefully the hay/seed contractor can finish up the grading and spread the hay and seed.  

How long do you think it takes grass to grow?

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rolling Along and a New Project

My mom has been in town for about a week.  So, I haven't been reading my blogs and staying in touch with all of you.  We enjoyed a nice visit and I took her to the airport yesterday morning.

As I was reading though my blog list, Olga's pretty Pineapple Shawl caught my eye.  

Hmmmm, the pattern is free, I have the yarn she used on hand, and I just wanted to make it!  


So, early yesterday evening, I gathered my supplies together, snuggled into bed and started working on my new shawl.

First, I rolled my yarn...

Then onto the pattern.  

I got the first pineapple done and into the increase section.  

I thought that was a good start and my eyes were getting droopy.

So I set it aside for the night.

I'm looking forward to working on it this afternoon.

Hope you are all happy and well.