Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Around the Meadow

Greeeeeeen Acres is the place for me!

Does anyone remember that show?  I remember seeing reruns growing up.  

Here is dear hubby riding the new John Deer for the first time.  Most of our yard is still dirt, but the portion undisturbed by construction has grass.  I rode on it last night and cut the side yard, it was a lot of fun.  I was "hee hawing" and "yippee ki yaying".  The little one took a video of me being goofy, but I won't share it with you here. 

The "new addition" (puppy) is taking center stage in all our lives.  Look at the grin on dear son's face.  I had to share his happiness with you "guys".  Isn't he handsome?  And he has a sweet heart to boot.  We are so very thankful for this little boy in our lives.  

I started a small crochet project.  But, as you can see, I haven't gotten very far.  

I found this pretty stitch pattern in Robyn Chachula's Crochet Encyclopedia.  Dear hubby gave me the book when it first came out, but I haven't had the time to really enjoy playing around with the pretty stitches in her book yet.  

End of school review and prepping for standardized testing is high on the agenda.  This is pretty much what my kitchen table has looked like this week.  
Once testing is over, we'll be done with school for the year!  


Hope you are enjoying a marvelous week.  

Giving God the Glory for the great things He has done!


Great is the Lord
Michael W. Smith


  1. Hi Heather. Your son certainly is a handsome young fella. I would of loved to have seen your video having fun. Have a great rest of the week. :)

    1. Thanks Debi. :-) I wasn't looking my best cutting the grass, but it sure was fun. :-)

  2. At least you were enjoying the whole mowing the grass adventure. How fun is that! Would have been funny to see you having so much fun. :) Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  3. That grin fills up the whole screen. Good luck with the testing and the puppy.

  4. He looks so happy with his new puppy! Who wouldn't be?? The zoom lens I have is an EF 75-300 mm. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks Pammy Sue and thanks for the info on the zoom lens. :-)

  5. Such wonderful blessings you have :-) Your son is so handsome and looks so happy with his puppy. Good luck with your testing; we're schooling over the summer because of the amount of breaks I've had to take.

  6. That looks and sounds like a lot of fun. And that puppy is just too cute. :)

  7. Ohhhh Mrs Heather everything is looking nice and lovely...huge piece of land ...riminds me when growing up running in my grandma's farm,lots of fun...collecting eggs from hens,feeding the pigs,looking and picking vegies for the dinner ....well.....a great childhood.You have such a handsome young man...he is looking so happy with his puppy.Best wishes with the homeschooling. Hav

  8. Hello Heather. I found you through your comment left at Pumpkin Sunrise! I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed "meeting" you...and your son is delightful! Your blog is very attractive and I hope to return often.

  9. Oh his smile!! So lovely and bursting with joy. I love seeing past photos of my kids and the times they were filled to the brim with happiness.


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