Wednesday, February 19, 2014

God Has a Plan

I like to remind myself of this, especially when things don't go my way, or when my faith feels "weak".

We didn't get to close on the house last week or yesterday as we thought we might...

But God has a Plan

Our temperatures have been warming this week and all the ice and snow we've had has started to melt.  

Guess what?

Our new house, that is being built, had water coming in at various locations from what the builder called "ice dams".

The sun room floor and part of the great room floor are ruined.

There is drywall damage in the basement....

and wet carpet.

I look at it as a blessing in disguise.  

We could have been in the process of moving in and had further damage to furniture, books, anything in boxes (yarn)!

I feel like God protected us from this mess.

The builder is taking care of things.  
We stopped down at lunch today to see what they were doing.  

They have fans going and were bringing in a big dehumidifier as we were leaving.  

Our project manager said he had a call into the flooring people to replace the damaged floor.  

Roofers were on the roof doing their thing.

And, I'm tucked in nicely at the apartment without the stress of all that.

I'm also happy to report, that with this brief break we've had in the weather, they were able to pour half the driveway today.  


The other half is planned for Friday.

God Has a Plan
Trust His Heart



  1. So "glad" that these problems were found before you moved in. Crossing fingers all will be corrected soon. :)

  2. At one of the churches I attended once in awhile the pastor would say, "God is good," and the knowing members of the congregation would respond "all the time!" Then he would reverse the litany and say, "All the time," and the congregation would respond, "God is Good!" At the time I first heard this it seemed a revelation :-) And since then it has been a comfort, especially as I processed circumstances like the ones you described above, Heather. I so appreciate the conclusions you have drawn! Blessings! xx

  3. Oh goodness!! I know what a set back that was but you are so right....God had a plan!
    Keep us updated!
    xx Shari

  4. I agree with you Heather - God does have a plan. He didn't want you and your hubby to have to deal with all that water damage mess. I hope everything moves ahead smoothly for you. :)

  5. Oh my! It is so good that it happened before closing!!!

  6. I am so glad they are working the kinks out before you move in and everything you have gets ruined, you have a wonderful attitude.

  7. So sorry for all the problems, but it does sound like a blessing that you weren't there and having things damaged. I pray that things get fixed quickly and your driveway is finished. :)

  8. Happy week....hoping you are moving already.....God is good.Good luck sweetheart!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment Luna. We are still here at the apartment. We are hoping to be moving sometime next week. Wishing you a blessed week.


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