Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby Blanket Work in Progress and Yarn Along

I dug out the baby blanket I had started back in October.  

I'm about done with the body of the blanket and hope to have it complete in the next couple of days.

I'm still reading the book I started last week Believing God by Beth Moore.  I've been reading it a little each day with my morning devotions.  I'm just past the halfway mark and have found it to be insightful.

We are getting some snow up here in Springboro.  The grass is just peeking through and the cars in the parking lot are covered.  

Our weather has been really up and down this year.  I read on the news that we may get another polar freeze toward the end of the month.

Mid week blessings to you and yours,


I'm linking up with Ginny at Small Things for her weekly yarn along.


  1. That baby blanket is lovely - and it looks like the kind of comforting, repetitive (in a good way!) pattern that's perfect for winter crafting!

  2. Your blanket is beautiful! Stay warm. :)

  3. Very pretty :-) I love the purity of the white.
    Blessings :-)

  4. Glad you are back to crocheting again. I have some fingerless gloves I need to start tonight after church for my sister. Your blanket looks very pretty.

  5. A beautiful blanket! I bought the e-book version of the book we are studying on Thursday in our small women's group. I am still not used to being a techie reader, but I think it is growing on me :) Blessings to you and yours, Heather xx

  6. Hi Heather. The baby blanket looks so soft and cozy. I love it. I am not familiar with that book. Will look for it. Stay warm!
    xo Kris

  7. I am not looking forward to the return of the polar vortex! It is snowing here today. The roads are a mess, again. Thankfully, my plans could be changed. Your blanket is lovely as usual!

  8. I love the blanket, it looks so soft and beautiful.


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