Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Small Joy

In one of my earlier posts, a few of you had asked about my crochet work.  

I honestly haven't had anything to share.  My creativity seemed to have dried up.

But, the past couple of days, I thought I'd see if I could "prime the pump" so to speak and started playing around with the yarn I have on hand at the apartment.

I wanted something small that would give me a sense of accomplishment.  

So I'm making some facial cloths.  I'll make at least one more and then see if I can get back to one of my works in progress.

On the reading front, I started reading Believing God by Beth Moore; it was a free Kindle download last week.  I'm only in the first chapter, but I've always found something from her writing that I can apply to my life.

Dear son and I are reading Challenge at Runaway Brook by Elizabeth Phelps (1852), it's a Lamplighter book.  If you haven't heard of these books, I highly recommend them.  We've read Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince and Teddy's Button so far.  They focus on character building and I've found them to be excellent books.

And, lastly, I got the new Burpee catalog in the mail and have been dreaming of my future garden.

I'm joining up with Ginny at Small Things for her weekly yarn along.

Happy Hump Day,



  1. And they are going to be pretty facial cloths too!! I NEED to get an order in at Knit Picks! I have seen so many of you with their yarn, and most all say it is lovely. I will have to check out the books you mention. I have not heard of them. I want to read The Book Thief. We just saw the movie and loved it. I wanted to read the book first, but didn't. The books are always so much better and more descript!
    House almost done?
    xo Kris

    1. I really like the Knit Picks yarn I've used. I think it is good value for what I would consider a nice quality yarn. I haven't heard of The Book Thief, but will google it and see what it's about. We haven't been to the house since last weekend with the bad weather we've had. I'll post an update once I'm able to get down there again and take some photos. Thanks Kris. :-)

  2. Everyone has to take a crochet break every now and then. And face cloths are a great small project to keep those creative juices flowing; yours came out very nice.
    I snagged those free Beth Moore books, too! Couldn't believe they were all free. I haven't started any yet but am looking forward to reading all of them. I agree; she always says just the thing to apply to your life.
    Thanks for the tip on the other series; I'm always looking for good reading books for school.
    Stay warm :-)

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for your kind comment and words of encouragement. Take care, Heather

  3. It's such a lovely, delicate pattern!

  4. Such a pretty cloth, and interesting reading! Thanks for the recommendations. Seed catalogues are so cheering now, aren't they :) xx

  5. Such a beautiful cloth, I love the stitch pattern. Great books to read. Hope you are staying warm.

  6. I did see that several Beth Moore books were free on Kindle last week but didn't download any. Finishing something does give that feeling of accomplishment. Hoping for bright and happy days ahead for you! :)

  7. Do you have a link to those facial cloths? They look so pretty. I need to pick up my hook and yarn again too, and my camera. :)

    1. Hi JoAnn, it's just DC, HDC, SC and repeat across. If I have time I'll write it up and share. Have a great day. Heather

  8. Hi Mrs Heather! the color of your yarn....delicate....I guess you will be really busy reading interesting books.I haven't finish anything this month....don'y know ...but feeling little lazy to take the hooks and start making something....before that I have to finish a little bear I have already started.Otherwise I'll keep piling up unfinished projects and that's not good.It happens once on a while ;( ....Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday !


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