Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Electricians and plumbers; oh my!

The house is a hubbub of activity right now.  We met with the electrician yesterday and between his crew and the plumbing crew, the house was teeming with activity.

The plumbing is about complete.  
(Things have changed a lot since our old house was built; apparently they don't use copper for plumbing anymore.)

The tubs have all arrived...
(This one is for the master bathroom.)

They are framing for the stairway to the basement.  
(If it doesn't rain, they may pour the stairs this week.)  

My kitchen island...

The bane of my existence...


It's within code, but our project manager thinks I should shorten it by 6 - 12 inches for an easier walkway.  Looking at this photo, it doesn't stick out that far...

Because of the opening (upper left in above photo), there won't be a lot of wall cabinets, so I was hoping to maximize storage in the island.

Our project manager is supposed to be getting back with me for more lively discussion on the matter.

I can't wait.
(Can you see my tongue in my cheek?)


All the busyness will be coming to a halt soon though.  There will be a big break while all the inspections take place.  We've been told, it could be a week to ten days.  

And, after that, insulation and dare I think...


Not sure when they will start on the outside.  
I guess after the framing has all been inspected.

Not much going on here, my creativity has come to a standstill.  

My muse has left the building and I don't know when it will return.

Wishing you a terrific week!



  1. It's coming right along and looks beautiful! I know you must be super-excited! I'm sure it feels like it will never be done too.

    1. Thanks Pammy Sue. I'm looking forward to when this will all be something to look back upon. :-)

  2. Don't budge on the size of the island Heather. It looks perfect to me. No sense in having an island if it's not the size you want it to be. Plus you are paying for it. :)

    1. Those were my thoughts as well. :-) Thanks Kar.

  3. Exciting!!! I often have HGTV or DIY programs going on in the background because I find the process of building so interesting, and then the creative process of decorating is absorbing, too. I can understand why you might be distracted from stitching during your house construction, Heather :)

  4. Oh I am giddy with excitement for you! The house is coming along so beautifully! I don't think the island sticks out too far either!
    Love watching your home come to life!!!
    xo Kris

  5. How exciting. It's so glad it's going so quickly for you. I hope that you come to a good conclusion with the island. :)

  6. It sure is taking shape! I can see how you'd want every inch of kitchen storage you can get.

  7. Hi Heather, this comment is unrelated to your most recent post... I came across your Feb '13 posting regarding the crochet V-stitch blanket with decorative edge. I would like to make it but need the pattern. Amazon currently has the book listed as not available. Do you know of other places I should look to purchase the pattern? Thanks for your time!

    1. If you don't mind a used book, it looks like Amazon has 30+ of the book for .01 cent and then you'd have to pay shipping (see the small print in blue). I think they typically charge 3.99 shipping for a used book. I've had good success purchasing used books from amazon, but do try to buy "very good" or above if possible. http://www.amazon.com/Vannas-Favorite-Crochet-Gifts-Available/dp/0848724526. You could also try e-bay; looks like they have one to "buy now" for 2.95 (plus shipping I'm sure). Wishing you good luck in your search. I've enjoyed the book. Thank you for stopping by. :-)


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