Monday, October 14, 2013

Around the Apartment

Even though it is Columbus Day, we are still doing lessons.  

Dear son is working on his subtraction renaming and drinking some milk out of a fun cup Grandma gave him.

I have an easy dinner planned since we have karate this evening.  I can throw the meatballs and sauce in the crock pot to heat up and just cook the noodles when we get home.  
Have you ever tried these?  
We like them and I like them even more when I need a quick and easy dinner.

Here are my crochet works in progress that aren't getting completed on their own.  
I don't know where my crochet mojo went.  I'm going to have to muster some up; 
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.


Here is poor Pebbly-Poo doing what she does best.  Dear hubby says it won't be long before we have to "take her for a ride", but dear son prays almost every day that she makes it to the new house.  
These decisions are difficult.

Homework laid out for later this evening.  

Easy fact review, I have him do 1/2 a sheet a day, it keeps the building blocks of math fresh; new spelling words for the week; and an English review worksheet (Plural Possessive).  
And some "homework" for me....
balancing the checkbook.

I haven't had much to blog about.  I will say being in the apartment is way harder than I thought it would be.  It is a nice apartment, but it is small and it's hard on the little one and the adults alike.  

With school and pre-planned activities, we haven't been getting to the parks like we were this summer.  

I'm still doing the calendar count down on the fridge.  We have approximately 11 weeks left in 2013.  

I don't know if the house will be ready in December.  But at the end of the year, complete or not, it will be much closer than it is now.

Wishing you blessings for a wonderful week.



  1. I bet it is hard to be in an apartment, but you have such a beautiful house to look forward to. Sorry about the cat, those decisions are always hard.

  2. It looks like you are making the best of being cooped up waiting for the house to be completed, Heather. I haven't tried the meatballs you showed, but I used spaghetti as a quick go to meal, many nights for dinner (crumbled ground turkey combined with bottled spaghetti sauce over noodles :)
    Gracie xx

  3. Hi there Heather. Gracie from Grayseasailor told me about your blog and that we are both living in an apartment waiting for our house to bebuilt... how crazy it is .... i can sympathize with you. it will be one month for us Next week ans it already feels like a very long time. your house will be ready much earlier than ours. we wont move into ours till about march of next year. i hope everythimg goes well for you and that you are enjoying the process in the emantime. im looking forward to checking your blog :) im now one of your newest followers.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment and for Gracie for sending you my way. :-) I wish you smooth sailing for your building process. Thank you for becoming a follower. :-)


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