Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Walls Are Going Up!

Walls Going Up!

I'm happy, excited and elated...

The walls are going up!

Foundation Wall Forms

The concrete people have been erecting the forms for the foundation walls this week.  We've been told they will also be pouring the walls.  Our project manager said that their concrete contractor is 3-weeks behind due to all the rain we've had this summer.

While we were at the site, we put on some "Off" bug spray and explored the tree line again (ticks have been really bad this year).  

What I thought early this summer might be an English Walnut tree, appears to be some sort of wild cherry tree...

Wild Cherry Tree?
There were fruited shoots of the tree throughout the windbreak.  Looks like the birds and squirrels have gotten the majority of the "harvest".  We cut it open and it does have a pit like a cherry or plumb.  We'll take a branch to a nursery next year to see exactly what it is.

The evergreens are producing their own berries...

And of course Queen Anne's Lace dots the meadow with pretty spurts of white.

Hopefully, now that the foundation walls are being done, they'll be able to make up time somewhere else.  

I'm counting on January, but Christmas in the new house sure would be nice.

Blessings to you,


  1. Very exciting to see your home go up. :)

  2. Oh how exciting! You'll see progress quickly now I'm sure :)

  3. I am crossing my fingers for you Heather!!!!
    xo Kris

  4. What a beautiful place for your new home. The construction is very impressive! And, how wonderful to have wild fruit and berries...that means jam and jelly for next year...

    1. Thanks Meggie. We'll have to check and see if the cherries are safe to eat. I'm thinking the evergreen will be pretty for winter decorations; maybe a swag or wreath. Thank you for your nice comment. Heather

  5. What a fun thing to watch. I hope those cherries are ones you can eat.

    1. I hope so too. Not sure how we'd keep the birds away though as the tree is pretty tall. Thanks for your nice comment JoAnn. :-)


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