Friday, August 9, 2013

Slow Going

Not much progress on "the hole in the ground" that is to be our future home.

We are waiting our turn to have the walls of the basement poured.  

Our project manager said he expects the forms to be delivered and the walls poured next week.  I think once we get above ground, it will feel like some progress is being made.  

We continue to get a lot of rain.  It's rained off and on most of this week.

Some re-bar was delivered and they did get the electricity set up.  That was neat to see.  

We met another neighbor today too.  He drove up in his golf cart and introduced himself.  He seemed like a nice guy.  I haven't met any of the wives yet, I hope they are as friendly.

We finalized our flooring today, which is why hubby was off work.  It was the second time we had gone.  It was a lot harder to pick things out than I thought it would be.  One of the things I'm most excited about is the floor we picked out for the laundry room/mudroom; it's a tile that looks like slate.  It's called Franciscan Slate (I'm doing the Woodland Verde color).  I think it will look neat.  The picture makes it look kind of blue, but it is more green than the picture shows.  

Trying to keep our minds occupied, we signed dear son up for karate.  The picture isn't that good, but you get the idea.  It's been fun to watch him learn the different moves and he really likes it.  He even earned his first stripe this week!

Wishing you a happy weekend.



  1. It must be so exciting picking out what you want to go in your home and seeing it slowly come together. I'm happy for you :)

    1. I must admit, the selection process has been a bit overwhelming for me. Thank you for your kind comment. Heather

  2. Hello Heather...Has the builder given you a time-frame for completion? I sure hope you get a roof on by autumn.

    1. They tell us the house should be complete by Dec/Jan. I've got the countdown going on the calendar on the fridge, hopefully they won't be too far off target. :-)

  3. That flooring looks so pretty. I know the waiting has got to be the hardest, it would for me anyway. :) Looks like your son is learning things and enjoying himself.


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