Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lover of Trees

When we picked our lot, we had hoped to save the trees that were on it.  

View Looking Toward Street - Neighbor's Horse Barn (or Stable)

But unfortunately, when they laid out the house, the above patch of trees was right where the garage had to go.  

Mixed in with the bramble and tree was a large boulder.  We thought it was pretty, so we asked the builder to set aside for us.

Boulder in Tree Patch

We hope to use it in the landscaping somehow, or put it in the backyard.  

I have fond memories of a large boulder in my grandparents backyard in which my sister and I would have races.  My grandfather would get us started.  At the shout of "go", we'd run for the boulder, touch it, and race back to the starting line.  I see the boulder as memories in the making; or at least a reminder of the fun I had at my grandparents home growing up.

One of the trees in our wind break is bearing some sort of fruit.  I've tried to find pictures of it on-line and it looks like it might be a walnut tree?  I'm hoping it's an English Walnut from what I've read, they are easier to crack open.  It sounds like a fun future adventure.  Any ideas what type of tree it is?

Mystery Tree - Maybe Walnut?

There is a small airport close by our new neighborhood.  It looks like we will get occasional small planes going overhead.

Single Engine Plane Flying Over Lot

I asked our neighbor if there was a lot of air traffic overhead and he said there was not.  He said he enjoyed watching the small planes when they did fly overhead.

We met our neighbor on one of our first visits to our lot, he seems like a nice man.  He has two horses, you can see his barn (stable?) across the street in the first photo.  He showed us his horses; they are huge black animals.  He told us what type they were, but I don't remember.  He also told us he has an outdoor cat, we assured him we like cats having one ourselves.  

The last couple of days have been gray with some rain, I imagine we'll go down and check out progress on the house tomorrow or Saturday.

Hope your day is blessed.


  1. Looks like a beautiful area. It would be a dream of mine to build a house some day. I know it can be stressful, but it seems like a fun thing to do.


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