Saturday, August 6, 2016

It was a Hike

Ever wonder the difference between a "walk" and a "hike"?

Today, there was no doubt, we went on a hike.

This afternoon, we headed out to Germantown MetroPark and "hiked" a couple of different trails.  

The terrain had heavily rooted pathways.  
We went went up and down hills.  
We crossed many dry creek beds.  
We climbed over a few downed trees.

I felt like the people in the story We're going on a Bear Hunt.

But, I digress.

It was fun family time and we've already talked about what trail we'd like to do next.  

 It was surprisingly cool on the forested trail, especially considering how hot it was in the full sun.

I didn't get too many photos as my eyes were focused on my path.  I was keenly intent on avoiding obstacles and preventing any unforeseen nose-dives.

I hope you'll enjoy the few shots I did take.

Happy Trails!